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Artist: BLEU

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Editors Pick week 678
editors pick week 678

Folio: "ALL_IN_ALL"
"My sexuality is one of the most important aspects of myself and for society to turn around and tell me that I cannot be a sexual being purely because I don't fit into the classic model of beauty is a great tragedy." - Ellarae
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Artist name: Joanna
Birthplace: Scotland
Occupation: Bartender
Age: 24
Height: 5"4
Starsign: Aries
The biggest passion in my life: Writing
I like to listen to: Thunder, waves, the snip when hair scissors slice through a chunk of overgrown fringe
I like to watch: Trashy films that are easy to poke fun of
I like to smell: Fresh bread, new notebooks, the sea

New Releases

Sep 24, 2016 Chambria//"as_you_like"
"For this shoot I made sure I had plenty of time all to myself and could play around for a while. I always get turned on and comfortable when I'm reading so I thought that would be a fun way to get in the mood for the shoot and also show some of myself in an authentic environment. I also took a nice hot shower right before the shoot, so that's where the wet hair came from. The shoot was really relaxed and natural, just doing things I'd normally do - pretending the camera isn't there and bringing the viewer straight into my world. I had a lot of fun with it."
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Sep 24, 2016 Joanna//"on_my_mind"
"This was terrifying at first, I've always had a difficult relationship with my body and nudity. For a long time I hated the idea of anyone seeing me naked and would use it to make myself feel bad. But once I got into the swing of it and realised no one really cranes their neck up from down at street level to see into your bedroom window it became fun. I love make up but I definitely feel less confident without it so I forced myself to do at least most of the photos bare faced. It was a nude shoot after all."
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Sep 23, 2016 Lilly_S//"barbie_shower"
Hiya Barbie
Hi Ken!
Do you want to go for a ride?
No Ken, I'm busy subverting the dominant paradigm!
Come on Barbie, let's go party!
Go away Ken.
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Sep 23, 2016 Gemima_A//"transformation"
"I decided to write on me what my inadequate exes made me feel during the time I was with them. They were both highly insecure men who took it out on me - you know, that old chestnut. It was empowering to physically wash off those words, to put a physical act to the journey I have been through since breaking up with my last boyfriend who completely broke me. That's the only real explanation I need for my photos. The glitter was just because I love glitter."
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Sep 22, 2016 Alex_M//"la_Cour"
"'The body is not a thing, it is a situation [...] a movement toward the other' - Simone de Beauvoire. I use 'nonsense', personal attitude acting on my carnality and true animalistic nature as a part of my composition and maturity, a measure between the beginning of my sense of self and the chaos of my strongest feelings; an internal sense of satisfaction to which once we have experienced it, we know we can aspire and improve. For me, yoga is a source of inspiration, providing a basis for posing and flexibility"
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Sep 21, 2016 Anja_K//"alien_art_2"
"I've been doing photography for a long time but I haven't done people and nude stuff for several years because I've been studying architecture. I've just been taking photos of streets, buildings, and really boring stuff like drains and curbs and traffic signs. Getting back to human photography and body stuff is really fun for me now that I've gained heaps of photo skills."
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Sep 21, 2016 Ellarae//"all_in_all"
"When I was shooting, grass kept going into places grass should never go and I'm sure I have a bug bite on my ass now. It was a lovely sunny day but it was a little chilly but that's good because my nips needed that little bit of help! My best friend helped me by lending me his backyard and chatting with me while I shot."
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Sep 20, 2016 Em_E//"greenery"
"The photos I took were better than I expected because there were 1000000 mosquitoes who tried to eat me alive!"
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Sep 19, 2016 Sarah_R//"machine_shop"
"Today I went to my friend's machine shop and took some naked photos. It was a bit chilly but I had a heater on in the background. I played around with the angle of the mirror and close-ups, trying to get the lighting to work with me. I was seeing what angles/poses I thought were sexy and what worked and what didn't. It was fun."
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